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Web Design To Boost Your Online Branding

Posted by Wanda Simpson on
Web Design To Boost Your Online Branding

Majority of the consumers judge a brand through the web design, as it should bring trustworthiness and credibility. In that sense, you need to be careful about your web design as it would impact your brand impression to the public. Web design can either break or make your business. Web Design Malaysia has been working on effective web design for businesses inside and outside the country to bring your brands to the next level. In 2019, there are several web design aspects that can elevate your online branding as below:

  • Bold Serifs Font

Although this font has not been popular in minimalism design, it is now making a comeback in 2019. Bold Serifs font is now getting more popular to modern minimalist web design due to its ability to communicate a brand’s personality. This year, expect to see special and custom-made bold serifs to style your brand to get that modern vibe. It is suitable for header, logo, text, though probably not for large text.

  • Speed

More than half of web visitors would leave (and never return) if your site takes longer to load. I know speed is not something you design, but the more organised and efficient your design elements are, the better the speed, the better your brand credibility.

  • Mobile First Design

Ever since the search rate from mobile devices are higher than desktops in 2015, Google has changed the way they index sites, now they prioritize mobile sites first. That is why in designing website, it is also important to design prioritize being mobile-friendly on top of any other requirement.

  • Video Background

Videos are more compelling than images or text, and they have been shown to result in more conversions. Having video in your background would be unavoidable for your visitors to see it.

Those are some web design aspects to elevate your brand to the next level. Web Design Malaysia has been following the trend in web design to know the best stuff to offer to their clients’ brands.