Welcome to CrystalShimmy.com, the website of Crystal – Middle Eastern Dance Artist.

Crystal, born and raised in Alberta, Canada, has always loved to dance. She began at the age of 5 with ballet and Ukrainian dance, and danced professionally for 6 years with the Volya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. Crystal began studying Middle Eastern Dance in 1999 with Anemone of Isis Dance Productions Ltd. She was captivated by belly dancing right from the start, enjoying the beauty and fluidity of the dance form and how unique it is from other forms of dance she’s studied.

Crystal began dancing professionally as a Middle Eastern Dance Artist in 2003 (in Edmonton), performing at local stage shows, restaurants, private parties, and various other venues. Crystal continues to take classes and attend workshops to further her technique. She loves to choreograph her own pieces as well as improvise. Crystal has also studied Ukrainian Dance, Ballet, Hip Hop, Polynesian Dance, as well as Middle Eastern and African drumming.

Viewer’s Comments

“ I am always inspired by your dancing and the sheer beauty of your technique.”
“ I was just blown away. I loved how you incorporated ballet moves and grace into your dance, it looked amazing.”
“ I just wanted to let you know that everyone was completely wowed by your performance at the recital. I still have students coming up to me and saying “Who was that girl who opened the show? She was absolutely amazing”. Great job!!”

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